A Purposeful Haitus

Hello all! If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much. I have a big post brewing, but I can’t seem to get it completely finished. It was originally a My Life’s Playlist piece, which turned into a flaming hell-rant, which I have lost the flames for at the moment. It will be posted some day, just not tonight.

On to the main point. I’m going on haitus for a while. I have a trip to the beach coming up, Otakon is on its way, and frankly, I’ve been wasting far too much time on here. I greatly enjoy my discussions with people on my blog on whatever subject (although sometimes those discussions turn into a circle of, “My logic is better than your logic. I win! Admit it!” and I grow very tired of re-explaining my views for the ump-teenth time). If you still wish to comment or put in a request for a post in the future when my little blog-cation is over, go for it! I’m still watching, don’t worry! 🙂

But I do need a break. My biggest reason isn’t even the vacations upcoming. It is my novel. My lovely, beautiful Elaseim have been neglected for far too long now. My blog has flourished at the expense of my book’s progress, and that needs to change. So for the next few weeks you may get a little poem here and there, and I will try to keep My Life’s Playlist going, but other than that you will see little of me, my friends. Keep in touch. I will try to at least browse your own posts as much as I can. I want to get at least to a halfway mark in my book before I return with a bang, and that bang will certainly include chapters for your enjoyment and hopefully your constructive criticism as well. Until then, I leave you with Rana and Taren, whom you will all come to love as much as I have as soon as I return.


A commission of my two main characters, Rana the Elaseim and Taren the Mongolin, done by the incredibly talented c3rmen. You can see more of c3rmen’s work at c3rmen.deviantart.com, or just click the picture!


2 thoughts on “A Purposeful Haitus

    • 🙂 Thanks Andy! Good scenery is nice, and a bunch of awesome, crazy people in costume in the middle of summer makes for some great inspiration! XD

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