We are nothing special.

The middle of milestones

and the perception of great things.

We can be the place and time

where the awe-inspiring moments

spring from;

if only the shiny baubles

surrounding us

would not distract them so.

We provide the refreshing droplet

when the world overwhelms

these saplings.

We are the pit stop for those

too weary to go it alone

any longer;

the shoulder to lean on

before taking the next steps

toward eternity.

House number 17

17 has always been my lucky number. It was the number of my favorite hockey player of all time, Chris Simon, when he was playing for the Washington Capitals, my home team. It was possibly the best age of my life so far, since my relationship with my boyfriend really started on and just after my 17th birthday. Even before then, this number has always just stuck out to me. There is something so unique, so individual about this number that I have never been able to explain. I’ll always love 17.


3 thoughts on “XVII

  1. I did live at no.17 for nine years.
    I’ve never thought about favourite numbers..will think on it! If my lottery numbers come up, I will forever worship all of them.

    • 😀 This is one of the only numbers I ever really reflect on. 25 is the other, for a completely different collection of reasons, although I don’t know yet if that will be an important age in my life. I hope so! ^_^

  2. Hey Rana,

    As you probably might have suspected, I don’t believe in “lucky” numbers (surprise surprise right?! LOL) but thats not to say that I don’t identify with certain numbers that have some meaning to me. 29 was probably the best year of my life. I just moved to a big city, bought my first house and spent a lot more time with friends than I had ever done before. Just an all around good time.
    The reason for my post here though was to say I admired your poem – especially the first 3 or 4 sentences. Its a humbling, sobering look in the mirror to recognize how insignificant we really are in the grand scheme of things. Now that might sound pessimistic but not to me. I prefer to refer to it as realistic. There’s sooooo much more to the universe and this planet than humanity. Those first 3 lines of your poem describe exactly why it is that I am an atheist – because I refuse to believe that the whole universe was designed just for me. Since I have rejected that solpisistic viewpoint, I falmost feel as if its my duty to try and understand as much as I can about the nature of our planet and the universe around us. I really enjoy watching documentaries. I don’t know if you have access to it, but I would recommend watching “Transcendent Man”. Here’s the synopsis: “Raymond Kurzweil, noted inventor and futurist, is a man who refuses to accept the inevitability of physical death. He proposes that the Law of Accelerating Returns—the exponential increase in the growth of information technology—will result in a “singularity”, a point where humanity and machines will merge, allowing one to transcend biological mortality: advances in genetics will provide the knowledge to reprogram biology, eliminate disease and stop the aging process; nanotechnology will keep humans healthy from the inside using robotic red blood cells and provide a human-computer interface within the brain; robotics, or artificial intelligence, will make superhuman intelligence possible, including the ability to back up the mind.”
    MIND BLOWING is the only way I can describe this documentary.
    And if you want to find out why I have discarded any solpisism, I’d also recommend watching “Surviving Progress”. If ever there was a good presentation as to why this earth wasn’t “designed” for us, this documentary is it.
    Oh and “Flock of Dodo’s” if you want to find out why the idea that us humans are “designed” is incredibly unlikely.

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