My Number is…


So I usually don’t do this kind of thing, but dVerse Poets Pub posted an article/prompt the other day that I found quite intriguing about your individual Numerology numbers, mainly because they made it into a poetry prompt.

I have to say that, after using the link that the original post provided to generate my numbers, my belief that all this numerology stuff is plain silly has been reinforced 10-fold. I plugged in my name and birth date and read through my numbers, and every single one of them was completely off. And by completely off, I mean like this:

My Life Path Number is 8:You were born to lead and your Life Path will provide you with opportunities to express your God given talents. You will have to learn how to be an effective leader without becoming dictatorial. Success seems almost unavoidable for you, but it may not be in the form of finances. Indeed, your success may well be measured in terms of accomplishments, which could take on historical proportions.”

I have the same number for my Destiny Number… Now, I am possibly one of the most self-efficient workers you have ever met, mainly due to the fact that I was always put in groups during group activities in school with people who just didn’t give a shit. These people knew that I was the kind of person who just wanted the grade, and would make sure the grade was achieved no matter the consequences, and would fuck around for days to weeks, not doing their part of the work, leaving me to just do it myself. I hate working with people. I hate even more having to order people around, because I have never been respected in such a role. Success has never been one of my strong points. Ever. Plus, all my ‘God’ given talents have been mediocre at best. I’m one of those people who is a little above average at just about everything, and am a master at nothing. Writing is the only talent I have discovered which, for now, has no pinnacle of improvement. The fine arts (drawing, music, etc.), science, math, historical studies, and don’t even get me started on language, have all hit their height of greatness in me, and those around me have left me in the dust. This number is much better attributed to my boyfriend, a go-getter who can practically master anything non-artsy he touches.

So then I decided to use my full pseudonym name and see where that got me. Absolutely nowhere. I got the exact same set of numbers for my pseudonym. Oooookay, let’s try the boyfriend’s name! That brings up a completely different set of numbers which… sound exactly like me. Every number description follows me about to a ‘T’. Fantastic. My boyfriend and I need to trade names now, apparently.

The whole point of this little experiment was to write a poem for a prompt, and I’ve got nothing. I’m not in the mood for a comedic poem (like the name-change idea), and I don’t want to write about what makes my numbers wrong any more than I already have. So what to do? Well, luckily, dVerse had that covered in the original post, leaving the prompt open to a poem inspired by a number that is important to you. That I think I can do… (to be continued)

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