Hobbits versus Jedi — it’s rather easy actually

Dwarves win. Hands down. Tolkien wins. Your argument is invalid.


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Many moons ago, I engaged in a bit of banter with Trent Lewin about the comparable merits of The Lord of theRings versus Star Wars.  Silly man that he was he attempted to write an epic poem to prove his thesis that Star Wars is the superior tale.  I was somewhat blown away by his effort, truth be told.  In the intervening months, the banter has come and gone as the talented Trent eggs me on to top his effort.  To prove that the trilogy of hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards and men bests the cinematic tale of Darth, the Force, and death stars.

I finally realized that I was going about it all wrong.  There’s no need for a poem here.  No need to engage in a counter-epic, if you will.  No, it’s rather easy actually.

You see with Star Wars you have women with clam shell hair.

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5 thoughts on “Hobbits versus Jedi — it’s rather easy actually

  1. So to sum up my thoughts on this topic…
    As far as characters go, Jedis are by far the most awesome character, superhero, fantasy creation that anyone has ever come up with (in my opinion of course). Maybe its because I grew up watching Star Wars as a little kid and that was the first sci-fi fanatasy stuff I was exposed to and identified with it first. But dude! Lightsabres – weilded by an ultra-agile, super quick, amazingly cunning and well trained masterswordsman – so quick and agile that he makes a ninja look like a sloth. Add to that the mind control powers – being able to maybe people think and say what you want them to, being able to choke out dudes using your mind and “the force”. You just can’t beat that shit.
    As far as the movies themselves go, I really love the story of Star Wars (the originals, not the cg-filled, horrendus acting, god-awful scripting crap-fest of the prequel trilogy) but if I had to pick, I’d have to say that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy had the better story and definitely the better scripting and acting of the 2 trilogies. I’d give Star Wars an A and Lord of the Rings an A+.
    That’s my 2 cents!

    • Trust me, I can completely understand the Star Wars dedication. I grew up with the movies too, but I also grew up reading Lord of the Rings. It just becomes a personal preference thing. Lord of the Rings, as a story, is much more developed to me, and the characters have just as much at stake as those in Star Wars. It also feels much more to me like a fight between the ‘super-powered’ (aka Sauron) and the normal, every-day character (the hobbits, men, even elves, and I consider the wizards super-powered with much more limitations than the powers of Sauron). I enjoyed the story of Star Wars, but as an overall story, I find Lord of the Rings much more solid. But it’s to each his own. ^_^

  2. As someone who was rather unimpressed by the entire LOTR Franchise, and Grew up in constant anticipation of the next star wars movie with my family, having lightsaber battles with my father and little brother, and having countless lego/model replicas of various ships.

    In comparison to the sense of awe that the Star wars franchise has always managed to instill. A few admittedly cool characters and at worst a power shift on one continent of one planet on one solar system in one Galaxy cannot hold a Candle to the Story depth, sense of adventure, and general environment that Star was has been able to produce.

    I would also like to compare the two with a unique marketing perspective, which doesn’t really affect the quality of the respective franchise, but does really show the skills and creativity of it’s creators.


    LOTR- the ring, the characters, mumakills, dwarves, ents, the eye of sauron.

    Star Wars- various droids, death star, over a dozen unique hand created spacecraft (which were so unique they became synonymous with star wars and are INSTANTLY recognizeable even by those who have not seen the films) Light sabers, jedi, the force, Darth vader, the most memorable villain from any franchise to date.

    UNIQUE items and concepts brought forth, listed as non-derivative works of the creaters of each respective Franchise

    LOTR- The ring& it’s effects, The hobbit Race, the manifestation of sauron’s abilities. Mumakills, I’m giving you orcs because though they are not a unique race made up in the LOTR universe, they are a unique representation. I am again not sure whether the creation of certain races in this Franchise were before Dungeons and dragons which came about in the 1960’s, so there may have actually been a few original races that have since been adopted by others.

    Star wars- Lightsabers, the force, the Jedi, Intergalactic warships, Space stations, over a dozen completely unique space craft that are unique and recognizeable, Pod racing, the gungan race, the concept of an intergalactic senate, I’m not sure if the representation of droids was worthy enough to deem it “non-derivitive” in this argument. Assorted Races of interplanetary beings, A clone army, So many things in this Franchise were created for it it is hard to differentiate,

    Overall i just feel that Star war’s conflict is more Dramatic and while they’re not full blown war scenes like most battles of LOTR, they’re more focused and advance the plot much better. Their use of science and belief ( wasn’t sure what to classify the force) i think tells a much more engaging story than LOTR did as well.

    also just sayin, i don’t care how many dwarfes have their shields at the ready, they won’t last against a death star.

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