Time to Talk Abortion, Kids!

*insert sarcasm above, but just a little*

*insert sarcasm above, but just a little*

Yes everyone, I’m going to get controversial again. And yes, this is inspired by a lovely thread I got involved with on one of the news sites I follow. The beginning of the thread went like this:

Don’t support abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t support gay marriage? Don’t send a wedding gift to your gay friends.

The ensuing outcry was immense against this person. Arguments such as, “Don’t forget rape, extortion, armed robbery and assault, to name a few. If you don’t like them, don’t do them!” and the like were rolling like stones over the original poster. I couldn’t help but include my two cents, and got me into a couple conversations, some very informed, kind, and respectful, and some not so much. I’d like to share my views from this thread and see what everyone else thinks.
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