My Life’s Playlist: Somewhere Only We Know

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is the soothing hit Somewhere Only We Know by Keane.

This is an old (what I would consider) one-hit wonder that has stuck with me for many years now. With a gentle beat, rhythmic lyrics, and instrumentals just subtle enough to only accent the lyrics, but strong enough in their own right to stand beautifully during the solos. The voice of Tom Chaplin, the lead singer, has a perfect, mellow tone for this piece as well.

I think what I love the most about this song is the lack of particular meaning to the lyrics. There have been many interviews with the members of the UK band, asking about the real topic of the song. The closest anyone has gotten an answer is this little quote from Richard Hughes, the drummer:

“We’ve been asked whether “Somewhere Only We Know” is about a specific place, and Tim has been saying that, for him, or us as individuals, it might be about a geographical space, or a feeling; it can mean something individual to each person, and they can interpret it to a memory of theirs… It’s perhaps more of a theme rather than a specific message… Feelings that may be universal, without necessarily being totally specific to us, or a place, or a time…”

Basically, it can mean whatever you want it to. Granted, I never really care that much about the original meaning of anything, and would rather work for what a piece of writing, poetry, song, etc. means to me. It’s just even nicer to know that I’m not actually going against the original meaning, because there is no original meaning to go against. I can listen to this song and have it take me anywhere, anytime. Where does it usually take me? Well, where do you think?

Far over the Misty Mountains cold... (image found on deviantart here: )

Far over the Misty Mountains cold… (image found on deviantart here: )


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