Son of a… [explicit-ish]

blood trail


I can’t shake you, can I?

Persistent little insect.

Quite a long thing, too.

Can’t see the end of you…

Intrigued, eh?

Wondering where I’ll rest.

Perhaps you want a taste.

Or a friend.

Regardless, I’m not there yet.

There’s no stopping now.

You’re egging me on now, aren’t ya?

Those bloody maroon eyes of yours.

Or is it all of you shining at me?

Hmmm, a serpent maybe.

No pointy little legs sticking out at all angles.

Bulges where you’ve been sitting.

Where infant rodents slumber in acid.


That was oddly poetic.

Is it time to sit a bit?

But I’m so close.

A few more steps might do it.

Get my feet to the foot of home.

Damned snake.

You’re tripping me up.

Or am I just tired?

Just a quick pause.

Now you, don’t wrap around me like that.

You’re getting red, sticky crap all over my jacket.

Gimme a minute, would ya?

A little break, that’s all.

Calm my breathing.

Slow my heart.

That’s a lot of gunk you’re getting on me, you know.

Hey, where’d you go?

That hole isn’t for you.

It’s for my heart.


Are you coming out instead?

Son of a…


I saw this prompt today and thought I’d have a go with a poem!

Sorry I’ve been gone a few days. I had some birthday chillin’ to do this weekend! XD Had an awesome time with the boyfriend bumming around and watching anime. Speaking of which, there’s a fairly new one out there right now on Hulu Plus that is possibly the best anime I have ever watched in my life. No lie. It’s called Sword Art Online, and I promise you, if you like sci-fi, animation, or fantasy, you’ll love this anime. It’s fantastic. Give it a try, it’s only 25 episodes!


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