Opposites Attracting


How we build the world on

unbelievable truths and

discoverable mysteries.

What clear fallacies we rely on

to make our misery tolerable.

Violently we demand


providing poison-laden remedies

to our souls soothing ills.

Fictitious reality

spins our world ’round,

yet we insist that our blindness

will lead us to the light.

Which is worth more?

Ignorant understanding? or

Competent despair?


5 thoughts on “Opposites Attracting

  1. Two people with same goals. Is a two sided coin. People need to be different. Good to have own thoughts and dreams. Two people heading in the same direction. Can be blocked by too much time together.

    • So true. I find it most frustrating that I fall in either category depending on the situation. I’m a very creative person, and so the unknowable truth that orthodoxy tries to explain intrigues me, but I greatly appreciate the real truth that we can rely on so much more readily in our lives. Dealing with people who are completely to one side or the other becomes a terrible trial. I’m lucky I enjoy a challenge like that! ^_^

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