My Life’s Playlist: Nice to Meet You Anyway (Acoustic)

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is a lovely revamp by Gavin DeGraw of his own piece, Nice to Meet You Anyway.

I’m not really much of a Gavin DeGraw fan, really. He was a quick fling of a musical interest for me, surprisingly. This rendition of his song Nice to Meet You Anyway, however, definitely belongs in this playlist. Compared to the original, which I thought was terrible by the way, this version is masterful. The tempo is so much more fitting to me for the topic, as well as the volume of the music itself. I feel like this song, through the lyrics, is supposed to be appreciative of the person being addressed, and yet in the original mix it sounded more like the singer was blowing off the admirer. Here we can listen to the admiration toward the person being addressed, a tinge of hurt in that she must be turned down, and the ecstasy in why she must be turned down, because the singer has found true love just a little while before. Simple, subtle, and a new spin on an all-too-often seen scenario at the bar, this was a great piece to remix. I also love the backstory to the collection this remix came from; an unexpected meeting on the street corner before a gig brought Gavin to a private studio, where he and a couple casual musicians just chilled out and re-recorded the whole album, song by song. I only wish he had switched out this recording with the one that got on the original album. 🙂

Also, sorry about the link. The embed isn’t working for some reason…

Also also sorry for less posts lately. It’s a mix of lack of inspiration and trying to get some personal reading done, as well as getting some novel writing done! I’ve been spending so much time posting on here that it’s really taken away from my writing time, so you will probably see a little less of me than usual. I’ll try to keep at least one post a day going, hopefully a poem, short story, rant, or playlist post per day. Perhaps updates to that projection later. For now, bedtime! Goodnight all!


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