Poison Veins


Can’t find the stinger;

it drowns in drips and dribbles

of raining oceans

pooling on sun-tanned beaches:

perhaps it was never there.

There could be many;

microscopic pin pricks jab

into every pore

to nestle and fester, breed

and build their sinewed kingdom.

Give the empire strength

beneath the darkening shores.

May they raise mountains,

then climb them beyond the stars;

poison veins to power gods.


I’ve been working out. It hurts. But it’s surprisingly enjoyable once you get into the habit of it. I still need a trainer for motivation to get there, but I love when I’m working out now, and I love the burn!

Sorry for the hiatus. I actually really enjoyed being away from the blog for a couple days. Nice to chew on questions instead of wrack my brain all evening! XD I should be active for the rest of the week, though. I have a couple requests from my Make Me Your Pawn page! Thank you to the contributors! You will be sited in the posts I write for you when I get to them. Until then! πŸ™‚

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