My Life’s Playlist: The Garden of Allah

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today, an oldie but a goody: The Garden of Allah by Don Henley.

Don Henley, I must say, got much more entertaining when he left The Eagles behind. Not that I don’t like The Eagles; I sang Desperado for my 7th grade talent show! The passion and incredible artistry, however, of Don just erupted after he went solo. This song is a testament to that. I’m sure there are many who have issues with this song, but you can’t deny the interesting perspective and hard-core poetry that this song brings to the table. What a perspective, and to be put into a melody like this and not left on the paper is genius.

Granted I know the idea itself is nothing new. There is something very blood-chillingly familiar about this story, though. Something sickening and fearful comes with the idea that even Satan himself could get bored with us. Even more intriguing and concerning in that Satan knows the good of the world as well, experienced the best of the best in his time, and not only knows we have outgrown him, but knows just how far we’ve taken ourselves away from that glory he can never have again. What spite a creature like that must have against us? Creatures more favored than he, and still throwing the universe away for some petty feel-good moments on this earth. How much he must hate us and envy us for taking such greatness for granted.

This will get me a lot of trouble, I’m sure, but if the Christian idea is right, I find it funny that I relate far more to Satan than ‘God.’ Satan made a choice, just as Adam and Eve, to go against ‘God’s’ plan. Yet Satan is damned for all eternity and we are spared (mostly). We take ‘God’ and ‘His’ gifts for granted and yet we are still brought home under certain conditions. The favoritism of the Christian god just baffles me; that this favoritism can be considered a comfort to people because they can convince themselves that they are in the right is even more baffling. I will never claimed to be saved by ‘God’ (the image of god I believe in or any other image of god). Either god loves me and will take me in when my time here is done, or god plays favorites with its own children, and I want nothing to do with such a god as that.

…I think I just ranted. Was that a rant? Kati! Let me know if this is the kind of rant you were looking for! XD If not, I’ll work on a biiiiig one for tomorrow! Religious or otherwise! 😀


2 thoughts on “My Life’s Playlist: The Garden of Allah

    • 🙂 Glad it inttigued you! It reminds me of a musical slam poem, personally. I recite it at open mic nights sometimes. The voices are a lot of fun to perform. 😉

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