Love in Silence

a-couple-gamer-games1He always surprises me, how well he listens without hearing a thing. His mumbled mhms the pre-determined vocal to whatever daydream ramble I throw into the sound-stagnant air of his computer room. Utterances of my plans for the identity crisis of a loft, new details of an ancient novel-in-progress he has heard and memorized a hundred times trickle out and crawl to the dusty corners of the ceiling with the patient spiders.

My eyes pan between active and passive screens, checking his avatar’s health, comparing to my own. Between rabbles and babbles and boss fights come jabs at the groin, an assault of tickles to distract from roaming, caressing fingers. Through the cascade of giggles, I quip, “Why so curious?” A goofy grin greets me, amber eyes shine that even the greatest of elves would envy, and I am in love with a god among children.

A shift in the scenery brings our heating gazes back to virtual reality. A new dungeon to conquer takes priority over the all-too-well-explored caverns he yearns to glimpse just one more time. For now, at least.


Just an old little narrative about a regular day at the boyfriend’s house. ^_^


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