Quick News!

1. I officially have 200 followers! Thank you to everyone who has jumped on the viral Virginia wagon so far! Your enjoyment is why I’m here! Well that, and global fame and fortune, but you know! XD

2. The results are in! I left my Riddle open for guesses, and I think it’s high time I let out the big reveal! For those who didn’t see the original riddle and are lazy clickers, here’s what you were missing!

You cannot see it without some help,

and yet it’s always with you.

Your greatest foe and ally both,

it hinders and it aids you.

Snow-capped hills can sometimes rise

from low-laid valleys along its sides;

you must choose to leave it bare

or cover it with lies.

I received quite a few guesses, but only one person guessed right! Are you ready? The answer is…….

Your face!… Seriously, that’s it. XD I found it extremely funny that the snow-capped hills sounds so picturesque and yet I’m actually talking about zits. Ewww!


The winner of the riddle is none other than the mastermind of the original prompt for this piece, Sahm from We Drink Because We’re Poets! I don’t have a real present for you Sahm, but you get a huge blog-glomp! *GLOMPS* I don’t know. XD

There you have it everyone! That is my riddle! Thanks again for joining my fun little blog family! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Quick News!

  1. Wow! That’s very clever. I really enjoyed this riddle; I can tell you put a lot of thought into it, and you did a great job making it abstract and hard to guess! I’m always impressed by riddles, how they can describe everyday things so abstractly that you don’t know what they are! (Though I suck so bad at guessing the answers…)

    • I suck at guessing too! Honestly, I surprised myself so much with this riddle is was stupid. XD I put some hard thought into the end, but the beginning came to me like a poem, and it just worked. It was weird, but a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll try to do it a few more times. XD

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