My Life’s Playlist: There’ll Never Be Goodbye

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is the jazzy beauty There’ll Never Be Goodbye, from the anime rendition of the classic story Metropolis.

I’ve said it before that I love all music with the exception of bluegrass. Here is a testament to some off-beat jazz which just hits home for me. The 20’s feel of this song, as well as the whole anime rendition of Metropolis  is simply magnificent to me. I believe they have the movie in pieces on Youtube, if you’re interested in seeing it. The music is perfectly balanced, with the playful jumps and kicks of the brass alongside smooth, elegant vocals, with enough room for each to have a place in your attention and your heart during this tragic piece. A wonderful capture of culture and time, both this song and the movie it represents hold a strong place in me.


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