Famous: A Prompt Ballad

Emerged from caverns dank and warm

come I to face the battle

betwixt the angels and the demons

‘mongst humans inane prattle.

Pioneer of thumbed adventure,

no cabinet beyond my grasp,

at least ’til mother scoops me up

and puts me down to nap.

For seeming centuries I play this

waltz of stark permissions.

Then, in a flash, the worlds are opened,

so smooth is the transition.

My heart embraced by stubborn dwarves,

by ancient dragons’ plunder.

Their victories and sorrows touch me

and soon I come to wonder…

New shores golden, hills of amber

and emerald fill my eyes,

where beasts do dwell in harmony

and lizards crest the skies.

With no need for the grass beyond my porch

I delve into fabled oceans,

trek lands no man dared to tread before;

no other had such devotion.

Even after I join the elder bipeds,

and learn of space and time,

after being told it’s only us,

“Those tales are all in your mind,”

I still strive, unhindered and strong,

to bring my worlds to life,

to show their majesty and grace

and prove my worlds are rife

with reality, with pain and courage,

far more than this sad Earth

will ever know or understand;

my imagination’s worth.

reading the hobbit


Sorry for the poor photo quality. My phone camera sucks. And yes, you finally get a small glimpse at my pretty pretty face! XD

This is a poem inspired by the [TEXT] Famous Prompt. I really liked the idea of doing a ballad, so I made a mini-ballad…thing. Hope you enjoy!


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