My Life’s Playlist DOUBLE FEATURE: Monster and Comatose

This is an installment of my series, My Life’s Playlist.

Today is a special double feature of the band Skillet and their songs, Monster and Comatose.

You wouldn’t believe it considering the My Life’s Playlist choices up to this point, but I love heavy metal and punk rock. Technically, I love a little bit of everything; the only music I can’t really appreciate much is bluegrass, and I mean the twangy, wailing bluegrass. Country I can deal with, and I’m sure a couple country songs will make it on here. Bluegrass just takes all the things that make me get sick of country and puts them all in a single song. Ugh. But I digress!

Skillet is one of my favorite heavy rock bands. Wouldn’t it figure that, just like Switchfoot, Skillet is technically a Christian heavy band? Well, it also figures that all my favorite songs from them are the song with no obvious religious reference. Honestly, they put more heart into these songs, and I love it.

We begin with the song that introduced me to them, Monster. Powerful, terrifying, and something which every person experiences at some point in their lives, Monster brings out the worst in us and shows it to us in the mirror. Everyone goes through a breaking point, that moment when something nasty in you rears its head and you just let loose. Maybe you let it out on yourself, on a friend, a family member, a pet. Sometimes it comes out in little glimpses that build up over time, but eventually the beast gets some time in the sun, and you’re never better off for it. This song is that moment, and it combines the fear of the moment happening, the gripping power and powerlessness experienced during that moment, and the contempt that it ever happens at all.

I like to listen to this song for the sound and power it has, but also as a way to recuperate after one of these moments, so that I not only acknowledge that I have let the beast get the better of me, but to forgive myself for letting the beast out. I can apologize to those I affect many times, but I have to admit to myself before my apologies really mean anything. This song allows me to do that.

This is possibly one of my favorite love songs of all time. When you think love song, you usually think slow and soft and quiet and full of innuendos and holding hands, touchy feely lyrics. And trust me, I have my share of those that I enjoy. Comatose, however, is not so such a fairy tale song. It’s strong, loud, packs a punch, and puts love in a heart-felt, painful yet powerful perspective. (Sorry for all the p’s, that was not intentional. XD)

Skillet certainly has many other fantastic songs, but these are by far the best to me. I couldn’t choose which to post, hence the double feature. Give them a listen and let me know what you think!

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