Hypotheticals in the Morning! (something to wake you all up)


A friend of mine (quite the clever girl, I must say) posted this late last night, and I just had to share. A friend of hers categorized the three options into the following words: #1 = pleasure, #2 = relaxation, and #3 = relief.

I went with #2/relaxation, and the serene, peaceful state of relaxation at any time (preferably after working my butt off either mentally or physically) brings me both pleasure and relief. But hey! That’s just me.

So what do you think? Yes, people, it’s another poll!

I do plan on putting the responses together that I have received on all these polls and share them with you all and my thoughts on the general consensus, so hold tight for that! I hope this stimulates the brainwaves for you this morning. Until later, cheers!


8 thoughts on “Hypotheticals in the Morning! (something to wake you all up)

  1. I’d say #2/relaxation… My decision is based on an assumption that the indefinite extension of sensations #1 and #3 would eventually lead to a numbing which would cause them to begin to bearing some resemblance to #2 anyway. Were no insensitivity to occur after prolonged exposure, then #1 starts to look better and better…

    • Ha! My thoughts exactly again! Relaxation, to me, is the epitome of pleasureful escape and relief. And you are certainly right, the other two, left to themselves, become too much and so become less than what they are meant to be. Relaxation never loses that calming feeling. At least not to me.

  2. I think that I would have to agree with scholarstrider above. My first choice was #1, but I wouldn’t want to lose that feeling of eating something amazing. I think I would also become numb to it.

    That being said, there is truly nothing better than relaxing after a long day of hard work. Sitting down with a book and forgetting the world has to be one of my most favorite things to do.

    I think many of us would launch ourselves into picking #1 first, however with a little more thought given to the decision we may arrive at #2 just as scholarstrider and I have.

  3. Rana, I was reluctant to comment to your lighthearted post with a heavy, because I didn’t want to be like those people online that somehow turn a topic like “Blue lobster found in Maine” into something about politics, but I do not want to miss a teachable moment here. And what could be more “heavy than the topic of Hell? Picking up on your comment where you said that you would gladly burn in Hell than serve a dictator God, etc., your post here only makes me think you’ve not thought it through. We’re talking about a place where there is NO rest day or night (Rev. 14:11), where there is fire (Mtt. 5:22, 18:9, Jas 3:6, Rev. 20:14), where there is endless thirst and not a single drop to drink (Lk. 16:24), endless torment (Rev. 14:10, 20:10), and where there is no hope of escape – ever. In Dante’s Inferno, the author portrayed Hell with a sign over the entrance, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”. In the story Jesus told, a man in hell looked up and saw Abraham living in heaven, and begged that he would send someone to dip the tip of his finger in water to cool his tongue. (Which was denied between an uncrossable gulf between the two) This man didn’t even hope for an entire glass of water, much less ask for release from that place. He knew better. A single drop of water on his tongue was the embodiment of his greatest fantasy and the fixation of his entire being! Then the man begged him to send someone to testify to his five brothers, to which Abraham replied, “They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them”. Somehow this man was not smugly joyful in the knowledge of his resistance to God. A few years in a Vietnamese POW camp usually breaks the most brave and diehard soldier. Somehow I think after a few millennia, or a few trillion millennia, the smirk might disappear from his face leaving nothing but a pathetic whimper. The man in torment then pleaded that if one were to visit them from the dead, that they would repent. Abraham replied, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” (See Luke 16:19-31)
    So we’re talking about a place with no pleasure, no relaxation, and no relieve of any kind – ever – where Jesus goes on to say, “Where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched”. “Worm” refers to a pitiful degraded state of being in which one is only alive enough to be in agony, and where the relief of complete death will never come. What I am saying is this: If the Bible, the most read and distributed book on the planet, is true, those who do not receive Christ are one accident, one blood clot, or a few missed heartbeats from this awful eternal place. (Technically they are reserved first in darkness and chains” (2Peter 2:4, Jude 1:6) until the final judgment which takes place after the Millennial reign of Christ; then they proceed on to Hell.
    Sorry to be such a downer. I just don’t really believe that you could be happy in such a place as you say, with your spirits buoyed throughout all of your eternal agony an loneliness solely by the satisfaction that you stuck to your guns. The people in the trade center chose to leap 90 stories their deaths rather than face the flames of the jet fuel. You must be one tough cookie. I know you’re not dumb, and I know you’re not THAT tough. That leaves talking out your butt, braggadocio, or not having thought it through. I give you the benefit of the doubt and place you in the last category, and maybe a bit of the second. I posted this to maybe sober that a bit and encourage a re-evaluation of where you are truly at. If God allows the atrocities we see in this life, are you sure that Hell is off the table? It sounds like eternity is about what exists in a mixed form here, but separated to perfect extremes. In this life we have pain and relief, joy and sorrow, elation and despair. Separating just these three as with a centrifuge, we end up with relief, joy, and elation in heaven, and pain, sorrow, and despair in Hell. Two extremes. Even in the worst of circumstances in this life there is always hope. Even Hope and despair will be separated to their appropriate eternal places. But I have good news! I just saved a bundle on my switch to Geico! (Remember that commercial? 🙂 )

    • Thunder, I never said anything about being happy with going to hell, nor being happy in it. I have simply said that, if I am wrong and the Christian god is the real god, that it is very unlikely that god would accept me for what I am and what that god made me, and so will send me to hell. I’m not happy with that outcome, but I have accepted it. I may regret it once I’m there as well. I have also accepted that. All things come from god, even that which is not god. God could fill the void of what is not god, be in and of everything, as I assume it was in the beginning (again, either god was all there was before the beginning and god created the absence of itself, or the absence of god, evil, hell, etc. existed alongside it before the beginning). The existence of evil, whether one believes it is consciously created by god or not, is a result of god’s creation, god’s decision to give free will and so give the opportunity for its absence to exist, if that is how one wishes to define it. Either that or it was part of existence with god before the beginning. I cannot interpret the concept of Christian good and evil in any other way except that the Christian god gave it the chance to exist, put the pieces in play so that it was an option. Additionally, just as we have the ability to choose, so does god. God could choose to love us without condition, let the tiny amount of time, so incredibly miniscule compared to the expanse of existent time itself, let our wrongs and inherent faults slide in this life and teach us a better way in the next, for the rest of eternity, clearly and directly. God chooses not to, and instead, according to Christians, tests our free will, puts our fates on our free will decisions of one lifetime.

      To your comparison of heaven and hell, I still say this. Is it not so hard to consider that these things, as you have framed them so, balance each other out? That for every moment of relief, there is a moment of pain? Every happy moment we have we know will pass, will someday, in some way in our lives have an equally hurtful moment. There is no opposition to neutrality, nothing which directly and equally balances out the serene calm of peace, true peace without regard to good or evil. There is a third option from the two extremes battling for supremacy. I choose peace, and I believe that is where god lies.

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  6. Hi, Rana. For God to, yes choose, to give us free will is an incredibly loving thing to do. Robots do not love, and God therefore does not value them. Love without choice is not love. So God is only acting consistently with the supreme value He places on love. The fact that “not God” means horrible things is not God’s fault. God is the God of life. Life without love is not living, and Love without extending free will is not loving. You say that God could choose to love us without condition. He does. He will love us throughout all of eternity regardless of our choices. But this love means giving us the ability to choose Him or not Him (and there is nothing else!) Since He is the seat of all that is, we cannot really even choose “not God” as I’ve alluded to. We actually only choose our relationship to this God, even as we can relate to electricity in a way that powers up our homes or we can relate to it in a way that shocks and burns us. Regarding our wrongs teaching us for all of eternity. You’ve got this balance scales thing going. The issue is not how much we have learned, but whether we have made a decision to receive God on His terms or not. Why on His terms? Because there are no other terms! He’s God! It’s not like there are five creators and we can choose among them. There is ONE. That’s it! Is it God’s fault that there is no one besides Him, that He is the only one who has existed from all of eternity? We can say , “Yes or No” to that, not, “Yes if you would change this and this.” to a God who does not change. Regarding God placing “our fates on our free will decisions of one lifetime.” – this is true. “it is appointed to man once to die, then the judgment (Hebrews 1:27)
    Regarding a balancing of good and evil, pain and comfort: That’s sort of the Ying and Yang thing. God is not about neutrality. Death is neutral. Apathy is neutral. Indifference is neutral. Nonexistence is neutral. Chaos is neutral. Emptiness and void is neutral. On the other hand, love is not neutral. Life is not neutral. Passion is not neutral. Caring is not neutral. God is, according to various Scriptures, “Light, Love, Truth, and Life. None of these are neutral. We’ve discussed neutral things and positive things. So what are the negatives then? (Sorrow, pain, depression, anxiety, fear, lack, etc.) These come from violated love, violated blessing, violated life, and broken and violated relationship with the Creator who is the source of all the positives. The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference. Hate comes from violate love. Hate is passionate. Hate cares! Indifference does not. Consider that Jesus Christ Himself considered love of such value that He did not shrink from cruel death on a cross for love’s sake. So in the end we have love, and violated love, which corresponds to heaven and hell respectively. In all of this God does not change. We change our position in relationship to His passionate love. There is no neutral ground for a God who defines Himself as “love”. In fact, Jesus said to the church of Laodicea, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm– neither hot nor cold– I am about to spit you out of my mouth. (Rev 3:15-16NIV) Neutrality is more detestable to God than outright turning against Him, because it is impossible to be neutral to God. “Neutrality” only adds self-righteousness and self-deception to rebellion. I believe (and scripture confirms) that there will be a shaking in these last days, and people will increasingly move one way or the other – toward God or away from Him. Shaking reveals the heart. Neutrality is an illusion and a sham. In the end, you will not be neutral. Under pressure you and all of us will go increasingly one way or the other. Sitting on a fence is very difficult in a literal earthquake. A person must jump with both feet to one side or the other. During times of spiritual shaking, a person cannot remain neutral toward God, and will become openly hostile and curse him outright or love Him above all else.

    Matt 21:42-44
    42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures: “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?
    44 He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.”

    As the Kingdom of heaven proceeds down the track – sure, intractable, and gaining in momentum, it will break in pieces all other kingdoms, so that God will be all in all. We merely decide our relationship to what is, what has been, and what always will be. How we decide to relate to this Rock we will determine how we will experience eternity.

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