Something sickened me this morning…

Embarrassment and Shame

So it took them until about 2 p.m. this evening for Yahoo to get an article up about the riots in Istanbul. Before I saw the article on the riots ( and keep in mind it was a first-hand account that was not written by a Yahoo reporter), which actually acted like normal news and didn’t take a side but merely reported the facts (both chilling and refreshing at the same time), the only article up that I could find referring to the city of Istanbul was this:

Istanbul 2020 bidders remain confident of support

Really? An article on Turkey wanting to hold the Olympics? With all the murderous mayhem going on right now, committed by the country’s own military and government (at this point I can’t tell which is more terrifying, Erdogan or the military actually attacking their own people), this is what’s worth reporting. I’ve revisited Yahoo since this afternoon, and now the only articles which refer to the protests in Istanbul are reports that Turkish officials are confident in their bid for the 2020 Olympics despite the protests. I just… I can’t express my terror and absolute humiliation in our news system over this. I just can’t…

This is news. This matters.

This is news. This matters.

A call for boycott (however small)

It’s going to be incredibly difficult, but in protest of this incredible disregard for real world news, I’m not getting on Yahoo tomorrow. At all. No email, no nothing. I’m going to work out a way to make a new email, and I’m laving Yahoo behind. If they can’t report on what is actually happening, than I have no reason to go to the site. I’ll use NPR for tomorrow. I will revisit my email until I make all the necessary transitions.

I’d ask if anyone else is interested in trying to send a message to the news outlets, join the boycott. I understand it’s very hard for news outlets to get much of anything about these atrocities, but there is social media that is still trickling through. If that is all they can provide, so be it. Anything for awareness is better than nothing.


3 thoughts on “Something sickened me this morning…

  1. Trust me, it’s not just Yahoo… You have to billboard CNN’s true colors for them to somehow become at least a little bit objective. Story put short: corporations buy, corporations demand, people claim what’s theirs, people do peaceful demonstrations, the selling government oppresses, people fight back, the government puts more pressure and horribly crushes basic rights.

  2. My WordPress email is officially changed from Yahoo. I sticking with Google for now, but if anyone knows of an email service provider that is nothing but an email provider, let me know.

  3. International sites have refused to acknowledge a lot of what is going on. What truly scares and infuriates me, is that Turkey’s news channels are not reporting on the riots at all. I’ve seen multiple pictures of Turkey’s news situated right next to CNN. Explosions in Turkey are on CNN, and a documentary on Penguins is playing on Turkey’s airwaves.

    What the heck is going on when even the news cannot report the facts. Perhaps we are truly spoiled with our freedom of speech over here.

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