My Life’s Playlist: The Riddle (You and I)

This is an installment of my series, My Life’s Playlist.

Today, featured is Five For Fighting’s The Riddle (You and I).

What a melodious and loving piece this song is. I’ll always be able to enjoy Five For Fighting, not only for the hockey-reference name but the absolute beauty of his songs. (Yes, I meant his; if you didn’t know, Five For Fighting is actually just one man, John Ondrasik.) Now there are those, like Superman which I get more of a chuckle from than a meditative enjoyment, but The Riddle is one that simply touches my soul every time. 100 Years is another.

The simplicity of his lyrics, yet with such depth in meaning and in soulful presentation, are a touch of true magic in the world of music for me. If no other song of his remains, I hope that The Riddle stays with the world as a reminder of how beautiful good poetry and good chords can be when they come together just right.

Hey, here’s a riddle for ya,

find the answer;

there’s a reason for the world,

You and I.


*Insert your thought here*

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