My Life’s Playlist: Same Love

This is an installment of my series, My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and featuring Mary Lambert’s Same Love.

I absolutely adore Macklemore. He’s refreshing, up-beat, coherent, and intelligent. The only thing he could do at this point to make me like his mucis more is to do a duet with Jason Mraz.

Yes, you should sit and stew over that for a minute. Take it all in. Good? Good.

The best aspect of Macklemore? Songs like this. Thrift Shop tries a similar take, putting clothing label obsession under the spotlight and showing it for what it is, a sad corporate sell-out. But for Macklemore to take on issues like homosexual marriage, and in his first released album, is something big, and something important that should not be overlooked. The traditional, mainstream music, filled with sexual innuendos, fairy tale love, revenge, anger, and malice are getting quite old. Not only is the sound of Macklemore a new slate, but his lyrics go far beyond the typical storylines, and are willing to take on real issues. And I don’t think he puts them in a package that will necessarily convince his listeners to take his stance. His listeners are there to appreciate his music, his skills as a rapper, and listen to his lyrics, but not mindlessly follow them. He is simply stating his view and why he holds that view.

I was going to hold off on sharing Macklemore for a while, but a friend of mine posted this Huffington Post link that just brought this song to mind. I find it wonderful that this high school featured these boys. I don’t know if they’ll last, and it shouldn’t matter. They are happy. I can only guess that their families are happy as well, or the article would be about the uproar their families would be making. Can’t we just leave it at that? It makes me proud and happy to know that there are places out there that do think their happiness is enough. I can only hope it spreads and it lasts.


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