Day 137

Some wisdom regarding judgment from a fellow haiku poet.


4 thoughts on “Day 137

  1. Well written prospective. I guess the circumstances of the event in question will determine my level of forgiveness. Thanks for sharing… tweeter: @american_males

    • There are some actions of others where I find myself struggling to let them go, but it is a conscious struggle always. I do what I can to push the judgment aside and move on. Sometimes it takes a few more meetings with the person to settle back into a friend-status, if you like. I just don’t think that forgiveness should have a limit. But that is to each their own. There are those who forgive the murderer of their children, and those who murder that murderer. Just like anything else, it is a subjective concept. ^_^

      Thanks for commenting! Do you mind if I share this comment with the original poster?

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