Day 137

Some wisdom regarding judgment from a fellow haiku poet.

A Thousand Days Haiku

All these judgement passed,
Held with no experience,
Go straight through the truth.

Don’t speak the unknown!
Set your judgements for yourself.
Truths are only one.

Self-righteousness! Given that political correctness is an overwhelming factor that can dominate most conversations. It is a first world luxury, but what is amusing about it, especially, with the “morally erect” is when good men make mistakes, how quickly people are defame their otherwise respectable reputation. It is as if they forget all the things that they have stood and stand for, as soon as one momentary lapse, or blemish appears. It is this type of judgement that we must all consider. For the truth, does not lay with the person in question, but with ourselves and who are we to judge without first walking in their shoes. The truth being most are more ready to ask for forgiveness than to forgive! Be merciful.

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4 thoughts on “Day 137

  1. Well written prospective. I guess the circumstances of the event in question will determine my level of forgiveness. Thanks for sharing… tweeter: @american_males

    • There are some actions of others where I find myself struggling to let them go, but it is a conscious struggle always. I do what I can to push the judgment aside and move on. Sometimes it takes a few more meetings with the person to settle back into a friend-status, if you like. I just don’t think that forgiveness should have a limit. But that is to each their own. There are those who forgive the murderer of their children, and those who murder that murderer. Just like anything else, it is a subjective concept. ^_^

      Thanks for commenting! Do you mind if I share this comment with the original poster?

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