High Heaven

My name is Aisha ‘Undead,’

I rule in Anubis’ stead.

I’m quite a nice girl

but my mind’s in a whirl

with two souls arguing in my head.


I’ve never felt like this before;

I’ve always been such a bore.

Now there’s a staff on my arm

and people get quite alarmed

when I have to announce the gods’ war.


With the god of Chaos, my ally,

we ask who in Hell will stand by?


puts our minds at ease

and offers his demons as mine.


Now we march back up to the surface,

while the silence is making me nervous.

Satan stands by my side,

and we watch the sun rise

as we take on the powers of High Heaven.


This is a submission for the Thursday prompt for We Drink Because We’re Poets: To High Heaven. The idea was to write a poem as if you were a god, preferably something more classical. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give people a little glimpse into Aisha, my main character for my Apocalypse novel (if anyone remembers that little story). Hope you all enjoy!


4 thoughts on “High Heaven

  1. superb! any inspiration from the books ‘she’ and ‘aisha’? (wasn’t that h.rider haggard? have to check that one). Always nice to see something related to a mythology amd the egyptian ,ythology is a great one to interpret, nicely done! Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

    • No worries about the typos. XD As for the inspiration, no actually. I’ve never read either of those books. This story was actually inspired by an OC that I created to put in the universe of HellBoy. Haha! Also turns out when I explain the very basics of the plot in this story, people say, “Oh! That’s sounds like American Gods by Neil Gaiman!”


      I had never read American Gods before, nor any Neil Gaiman, although he was on my list. So that was the first book of his I read, and what a story! It really isn’t anything like mine, just the basic premise of all the gods that have ever existed do exist in the world. But hey, if people want to compare me to one of the greatest, most creative literary minds of our time, I’ll take it! 😀 I’ll have to pick up She and Aisha sometime and have a read! Thanks!

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