Daily Prompt (Late, but still Awesome): The Next Big Thing

Rule #1: Always let the Wookie win.

Rule #1: Always let the Wookie win.

No, my hope for the next big thing is not self-moving chess pieces. I do want holograms, though.

You see, I have a dream. A dream that I can watch a movie and feel like I’m… well… in a dream! This particular scene from Star Wars Episode IV is where this idea started. I always loved the moving pieces, and wished that they could be bigger. I wanted to see them fight head on right in front of the characters. I felt like, if C-3PO put his shiny metal hand onto that board, the pieces would go after his fingers. How interactive and fun that would be!

Now imagine my crazy mind applying that idea to the I-MAX. I’ve never really gotten the hype about I-Max theaters. Every time I’ve gone to see a film at the I-Max, I’ve come away with a kink in my neck and not much more of an experience than I’ve gotten from any other movie. And don’t even get me started on the general stupidity that is 3-D movies. Most are either very poorly converted, instead of focusing certain scenes which would work well with 3-D, the whole movie is converted and it takes away from the effect, or the whole movie has no reason to be 3-D, because it’s a comedy or a romance. Give me a break. But what if you could do something awesome with 3-D and the I-Max scene?

Why not take the space given to an I-Max theater and do something REALLY unique with the movie experience? Why not apply hologram technology, do some big-budget work, and make a REAL 3-D movie, a full-space hologram movie? THAT is the future technology that I want, the real next big thing. Imagine watching Mumakil from the Battle of Pelennor Fields stomping over your head, ride alongside Indiana Jones as he hangs from a Nazi tank, or watch as a war of the Transformers opens up all around you.

This is my dream, the next big thing that I want to live to see. And they BETTER remake LotR and The Hobbit for this.

Please and thank you. And Boromir on the side, too.

Please and thank you. And Boromir on the side, too.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt (Late, but still Awesome): The Next Big Thing

  1. Oh. Wow. This is an epic, epic idea. Beyond epic. Rana, my mind is blown. I feel the same way about IMAX. If there was something like this, I’d consider engaging with it. Nice.

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