Where I’ve been the past couple days…


I bought a puzzle! And made it! And framed it! 😀


6 thoughts on “Where I’ve been the past couple days…

      • I liked it… I’m a big Tolkien fan, so there were little things that bothered me and I thought they made the dwarves a little too comical looking, but in general I thought Jackson did a real good job and kept with Tolkien in spirit…

        • I actually appreciated the comical look of some of them, mainly because I think he wanted to keep a little of the child-story in it. I bought The Hobbit Chronicles 1 and 2 books, which show the different designs for each dwarf. They’re really interesting. 🙂 I don’t think there was anything about it that I wasn’t happy about. XD

  1. yes you are very correct. The Hobbit was originally written as a children’s story, Tolkien’s other works were aimed at a much more mature audience… but they all take place in the same world… the white orc bothered me for one reason. While yes it is the back story for how Thorin got his oakenshield moniker, Azog was beheaded in that battle… so in the timeframe of the Hobbit he is quite dead…

    • I suspect that is going to be a reflection of the Necromancer. In the book the Necromancer is very vague, and I’m sure for the movie it was very hard to figure out how to incorporate him into the storyline. Also, this not only gives back story for Thorin and the dwarves, but also gives a focused villain before they meet Smaug. I’m not sure how they’ll end his involvement, whether they have him lead the orcs in the Battle of Three Armies or just have him killed off the next movie before they get to Smaug, but I still really like the idea. For a movie format, it makes sense that they have a following villain for this part of the story. I seriously can’t wait to see Boern! He’s one of the inspirations for the Elaseim, and my third favorite character behind Bilbo and Thorin. He’s kind of tied with Smaug, but I always liked the dragons, despite their awful attitude. Glaurung was simply awesome.

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