slow down, get heavy,
sink into the recliner
and dream of rockets.

speed away, to stars
and cemeteries curling
around the planets;

worlds familiar,
those creatures fantastical,
the nature of dreams;

then the alien,
distorted reality,

all come together,
subconscious image of the
dreamer’s universe.


One thought on “Bedtime

  1. I like your poetic reflection about human spirituality that is more pronounced for a short time at a bedtime. It is less and less prominent in our busy daytime world full of innovations flattening human lives in many dimensions.

    Only when contemplating/dreaming do we have more (as being less disturbed by prosaic day’s activities) time/desire/energy to search for our only one soul’s star. This motive was among many astrological assumptions rejected today, but propelled the highest rank of each human life’s desires and purpose toward discovering very own destinies. It acted similarly to sperm, but in spiritual ‘dimensions’, motivating each human’s “I” to move toward the source of Creation determining our individual short existences. No matter if we want to admit it or not, the God’s notion is somewhere implanted into our minds and manifested in more or less typical free will actions.

    Blessed are those recognizing and nourishing such ‘spiritual senses/needs’ in human minds. It allows them to find as early/clearly as possible their symbolic personalized stars on a global cosmic scale and they can continue ‘life journeys’ travel as the modern sailors equipped with compasses & maps (today with GPS – haha!) what contrasts with extremely risky lives of the ancient travelers. Let’s look closer at lives of saints, the top artists, scientists, lowing their professions/roles specialists, farmers, mothers, wives, husbands etc. They work/act until the last breath not for money or fame, but for fulfilling their identified/recognized destinies with usage of very unique combinations of gifts/abilities reflecting their better identified own personalities (they were able to identify their ‘soul stars’). I dream about a world where parents and schools work together toward helping kids to understand earlier as better their unique combination of certain abilities what later will be maximally respected in giving them the best matching jobs. We need focused people fulfilling their own dreams after recognizing their soul’s stars instead of following/mimicking paths of others.

    BTW, only now we understand better big and subtle differences among stars. They contributed to the existence of life on our planet by producing/exporting all different elements and compounds in so perfect proportion. For ages people were only seeing their different sizes, but intuitively were thinking about one of them as the very own and representing them. Astrology was born this way what sounds naive today, but symbolized one of the first human efforts toward connecting spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. We need to continue working toward more pronounced recognition of transcendent internal/external life journeys in individual as macro social scale and especially today when people feel so much pushed and manipulated. We need a light that starts to glow when the darkness comes.

    The idea of everlasting and pulsing like stars human sacred lives that are part of the conscious Creation is always inspiring.

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