There is No Muse

To call you

the artists’


does not do you


for you are

no pawn

to my whims,

no dog

who comes

when called.

It is I

the pawn

in this game

of words

and works.

In exchange

for my vessel,

you put

in my hands

the cosmic powers,


of all I see


to the world,

the rewritten


We are partners,

essential hosts

to each others’


obsession for


So kudos,

my leech,

you have made us

a god.


One thought on “There is No Muse

  1. My Muse is my virtual companion – someone akin to an imaginary friend with whom I discuss ideas, and a veritable font of inspiration as she binds together gossamer threads on unconnected notions to create unique and previously inconceived concepts.

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