My Life’s Playlist: The Misty Mountains Cold

This is the first installment of a new series I will be posting to once in a while, called My Life’s Playlist. As I shared the other day, my greatest muse is music. In honor of my muse, I will be featuring the songs highest on my inspiration list.

My first installment is a song/poem that has been near and dear to my heart since I was 3 years old. I actually remember being 3 or 4 and listening to my father read from The Hobbit and put his own little tune to The Misty Mountains Cold. It was one of my favorite songs of the book and of all Tolkien’s magnificent works while I was growing up with them. When the trilogy came out in theaters, everything about them mesmerized me, especially Howard Shore’s score. I didn’t even think about Peter Jackson taking on The Hobbit.


Seriously handsome at that.

And then he did. And damn, did he! As most of you already know, I’ve always had a soft spot for Thorin Oakenshield. Even before he was this handsome. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Thorin, as it so matches how I have always imagined he would be.  So when, for the first time, Thorin began to sing by the fireplace, I just about burst into tears. Most of the people around me had no idea what I was crying about, but it didn’t matter. This was the Thorin Oakenshield I had grown to love, and to see him as he is meant to be was just moving.

I now have this recording, as well as Neil Finn’s Song of the Lonely Mountain at the top of my list when I want to work on a love poem or a serious chapter of my Elaseim novel. It still brings me to a tear sometimes, and I believe it always will.


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