A Novel Shout-out!: Pendragon University by Kaitlin Smallwood


Three days on campus and Darcy knows she’s only scratched the surface of a deep, magical world that few humans have ever been allowed to see. She experiences a world where cities unfold like pop-up books, and streets grow restless and take off like magic carpets.

Darcy goes through much of what any freshmen experiences when she begins college life. She misses her friends and her parents, and yet the thrill of living away from home for the first time and finally being independent keeps her spirits up. The fact that her classmates are werewolves, witches, zombies and vampires is only a small factor as she finds a place among her new group of friends.

And then there’s Ulrich, who lives down the hall in her dorm. His presence continues to build up questions in Darcy’s mind. He seems like a student, but is he really? Why does he have such an influence on the faculty? Why won’t anyone answer her questions about him? How is it that he always manages to show up when Darcy falls into harm’s way? Her curiosity increases when she suspects that he could be the reason she was accepted to a university for monsters in the first place.

Pendragon University is a smart, romantic, urban fantasy for anyone who wanted to go to school with their favorite Halloween monsters.

A very close high school friend and fellow writer, Ms. Kaitlin Smallwood, has beat me to the punch and self-published her first novel, and what a story! We grew up developing our writing styles together, so if you like my short stories and the excerpts from my novels, you will definitely fall in love with Kaitlin’s book. Not to mention the artwork, also created by Kaitlin, and the incredible storyline itself! I won’t give away any more than the above summary, though. You’ll just have to get on Amazon, pick it up, and try it out for yourself!

I hope you all enjoy, and if you’re interested in supporting this lovely up-and-coming author, check out her brand new Facebook page for Pendragon University. You can also support her artwork on deviantArt! Be sure to leave your rating if you decide to read, and let me know what you thought of it!



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