Mail Monster: A Child’s Poem


That silly little monster

stuck up there on a post

is puking up some letters

from Nana on the coast.


I look for icky spittle gunk

or maybe a snaggled tooth,

nothing can I find besides

a stamp and Nana’s note.


I don’t know how my little monster,

sitting on the curb

can vomit so much plain old paper

and never seem disturbed.


I guess its just his appetite,

with his long, invisible body;

he just must like the taste of paper,

ink and stationary.


I just hope that when I want to

write back to my Nana

that when she gets it at her end

it isn’t soaked in kaka.




I saw this prompt for a Nonsense Poem from a new blog community I found called We Drink Because We’re Poets. Thought I’d take a stab at it. This is a little ditty to the mailbox. Enjoy! XD

3 thoughts on “Mail Monster: A Child’s Poem

  1. Rana, very, very lovely and fun stab at the prompt! All the ways you can look at a mailbox, not once has this way crossed my mind. You poets have definitely taken this and run with it in the most impressive way! 🙂

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