NaPoWriMo Day 29 – Maternal Domination

genuine appreciation

collides with contempt

as memory upon memory

rolls along the stimulation

that is the holiday


to a point

you’ve always been right

i’ve watched others fail in their attempts

to prove you wrong

a futile pursuit but i was the only one

who knew better


you made me this way

wise to your knowledge however

judgmental and biased it may be

took me under your

elephant wing and guided me

to an awareness far beyond the years

of an eight-year-old

and older


and yet you doubt yourself

through doubting me

being hurt by me

by my actions which no longer have any influence

from your acumen

i am not beyond you woman

but i am also not against you


the people who bring us a smile

the music that serenades our souls

the buildings which we run to for seclusion

and serenity

are no longer common venues for us

and never will be again


i declare it and for me this shall be

a divide acceptable and accepted

you will blame me

through yourself

torture yourself

to torture me

and your tactics will not work


i will still love you

respect your choices

your judgement

but i will not agree with them

nor you agree with mine

it is the rift of the generations we must all come to know


your maternal domination

is over mother

a new reign has come over my world

my own

and we will find each other one day

as equals to the throne

grown past the count of years


so til then do not

point fingers

shoot your blame to the stars

to no one

and be confident




you didn’t raise me perfect

but you raised me well

you didn’t raise yourself

but you raised me

someone unique and new


how perfect that can be



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