Poetry Challenge – Missed You

A pure cleansing sweeps through my soul
as our weary wheels squeal along the coastal highway:
our second home.
Welcomed in, with eyes clouded
and heart hesitant to your freedoms,
you have nurtured my womanhood
summer to summer,
summoned myself out
and into a baby blue bikini.
There is nowhere that you can’t bring me to;
the midnight shimmer of the dock lights
is Egyptian gold
enlayed on onyx silk.
Kimono morning skies wrap
the pale geisha skin of the shores.
My breath has never been so strong;
not even the crisp English hills gave me
such composure, such a sense of
lasting peace.
Here, I find myself that I cannot know
anywhere else.
With those amberglow eyes by my side,
and your sands beneath my feet,
I am.


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