NaPoWriMo Day 25 – O, to Defy the Odds

O, to defy the odds and conquer all

the torturous ailments which divide

our souls, so apt to love. Yet we call

across the mountain-bound void

with the assumption that we haven’t tried

nearly hard enough to grasps our own

straws. How far must I hold out, confide

the ignorance of my heart and show

you my strength against myself. You’ve blown

through what I knew of myself, rapture

rips through veins; the destruction of the alone

world, my cocoon and prison. The sure

glint in your eyes from beyond empowers me

and with one last reach, our palms hold our keys.



A quick Spenserian Sonnet, because I wanted to get another poem out and I’ve been trying to expand my styles. I always like sonnets, and this is probably one of my favorites. It’s been a long time since I got into all the styles of sonnet. It amuses me how much I love sonnets considering my least favorite style of sonnet is the one we all grew up with: Shakespearean. For some reason they just don’t flow like the other styles do to me, but perhaps it’s just because I’m not much one for Shakespeare in general.

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