NaPoWriMo Day 22 – Cure #4

Simplicity reigns

in the halls eternal, where

angels don’t exist,


but souls reflect on

misinterpretations and

fallacies, mistakes


forgiven by the

meditative tides of time

and recycled stardust.

The perfect sense of peace and serenity is something that can never be found on earth. Beyond this life, however…


One thought on “NaPoWriMo Day 22 – Cure #4

  1. I fully agree, with no “peace and serenity on Earth” as this planet represents in other dimensions the hottest ‘Star of Life’ fueled by everything eating each other. Lives of all earthy organic organisms resemble in their actions miniature black holes annihilating everything smaller around. It sounds/looks terrible but releases together much stronger conceptually Life’s Energy in comparison to trivial Sun’s thermonuclear reactions feeding our cannibalistic earthy cycles of lives.
    Humans are proud to be at the top here, but forget that our aggressive civilization with eroding moral brakes is just before exploding and sending newly created ‘elements of conscious’ to the ‘Space of Creativity’ (SOC). Let’s hope that a ‘New Smarter Earth’ is waiting somewhere in the SOC for produced by us here and not recognized as the most precious ‘Water of Thoughts’ with many ‘Rare Aspects of Human Existence’ to initiate much higher forms of lives with ‘minds/conscious’ closer to understand the First Word and the Act of Creation.

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