NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Circle


The concept of no beginning

and no end

is the most natural occurrence

of the universe,

and yet the most difficult

for man to conceive.

We see it all around us,

we utilize it more than

any other visual,

and yet conceptually

we are overcome with denial.

The planets,

the solar system,

the vast galaxies revolve

in an endless loop.

Foundations of roots

convene into towering spires

where children join hands and sing

of black rings

on decaying flesh.

At times angles are introduced,

temporary diversions from a

smoother path,

in groups of five or six;

bends, but never broken.

Envious of the defiance of all

we can come to understand,

we use the universal concept

as if we can force and end,

break the continuum eternal.

The origins, however,

do not bring ends to themselves,

nor those of similar nature

to themselves,

and we are by no means


Embrace the evidence,

oh, stubborn hearts of men,

or fall to the endless,

the unbegun.


One thought on “NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Circle

  1. Deep understanding overwhelms, when simplifying paralyzes and accelerates our failings. We are still enjoying life when many parts of our bodies are already dying. Our conscious is in the middle of this scary ‘zero and one reality’ that glorifies power of life with turned blind eye on ‘memento mori’, but we can fly away when a fragile raft/home made of soluble beams/dust named a human body finally returns to its Mother Earth. Yes, this most precious part of our “I” Can survive as during our short lives we have many occasions to start noticing/admiring the space above with a miracle air venting our minds that CAN mobilize training their ‘wings’ for the next adventure in the space of The Almighty Consciousness what CAN unite all human personalities glorifying our Universe with its CREATOR.
    The word CAN was repeated three times and I must run away as a New Day comes with new and renewed chances/opportunities for easier lives that disperse our attention from/when looking above. This tale in not ending, but starting now.
    Dear Rana,
    I had a very hard morning today and by chance I clicked on your latest post. I felt inspired by your poem what resonated with this piece above. If you will not find it too trivial or pompous I would appreciate if you can edit or modify it with your name added as the co-author if you invest too much time/heart. As I mentioned in your previous post I want to finish a bigger piece (this fragment can fit well) and English is my second language. You can also answer me directly at slavekpop @ yahoo . com

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