NaPoWriMo Day 11 – I’m not going

Obey God’s rules,

as dictated by human servants,

get to Heaven eternal,

world of peace eternal,

existence of happiness eternal.

The image of that peace?

In awe of God, we bow

before Him.

In love of God,

we love only Him.

And where does that leave the life we lived?

The people we loved,

the bonds we made?

Do we forget them all?

Is the love for each other forgotten, unneeded

in the eyes of God?

The goodness I forge in my life,

the dedication to those whom I call loved ones,

will not be forsaken, even for God.

If God wanted me a mindless, bowing

servant, than He should have kept me

by His side.

If god loves me for me,

for the good expectations I hold for


it will let me live and love the world

and expect nothing less than that love

while standing before it in eternity.

If God’s Heaven is the land of worship,

you will not see me there.

I will burn in the fires of my actions,

in the love I made my foundation in life.

No God will take that from me,

and if it is His will to take it,

He is no God for me.




Needed to post something quick because I realized I had no Day 11 post. Decided to make a new rant poem out of it.


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