Statistics Addict

I hope to do some personalization of this blog tomorrow, but for now, I’ll reblog. Most of what Dirk had to say I agree with in my own experience, it’s just a few elaborations I’d like to make. 🙂

Shiggy Enterprises


I look at my blogs stats page at least ten times, every single day. I hate it. But I can not resist. A moment of spare time, some available device with internet access … schwupps … there they are, my hopefully ever growing friends in blue.

My wife complains that she always finds my stats page open on her iMac, iPad and iPhone. I waste too much time wondering about the numbers, that could be used better. I decided to do something about it. I googled for “stats addiction” and found a lot of pages providing statistics about drug abuse. I hope it’s not that bad. “stats addict” yielded better results. I found this post by Dr. Nicole on Darren Rowse’s blog.

She was an addict as well and had the “luck”, that she couldn’t access her stats page for a month, due to some technical problems. She realized that…

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