NaPoWriMo Day 5 – Should I?

DISCLAIMER: This is an OLD poem that I finished out of boredom the other day. I’ve been away from the computer, so this is the first time I’ve been able to post anything. I hate rhyming poems, so I’m not a fan of this one, but the first section came out smooth a couple months ago and I’ve been picking at it since. Don’t plan on doing anything with it.


Should I spend my life,

my hours,

my time,

Guessing intentions

closed off from

my mind?

Are you feeling?



At the very least, are you kind?


They tell me that I should


have Faith.

In the way that they see you.

You’re real

with no trace.

Except for some books and

some miracles.

Passed down;

word-of-mouth is so great.


Distortable, changeable

with no one

to argue.

And should you deny it,

watch out;

they will find you.

They scream they are right,

“Your view is


It is only to them you should run to.


But these truths are perspectives,


to the core.

They parade their view as if

they know

what’s in store.

Should I trust my eternity

set snug

in their hands?

In their opinion, their textbooks and lore?


To them I’d be putting

my fate up

to you.

But forsaking my own heart? Then

where do I

turn to?

You made this heart my own

to guide me

to you,

so all of this bullshit I’ll trudge through.


I’ll make my own path

as others

have done,

know you not in the way of

the Father,

the Son.

I’ll know you in Spirit,

in passion

and love.

I’ll accept you and deal with the shuns.


*Insert your thought here*

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