NaPoWriMo: Day 2

I wear white socks

with my black dress shoes

out of sheer laziness

and lack of sunlight.

Coworkers peak around my cubicle

in concern for my muffled laughter

to glance Youtube videos

of animated unicorns

and children rooming with Satan.


every day,

my hair migrates into a ponytail.

I care about matching

the green of my shirt

to the tan of my boots…

at least when I have time.

I am brown haired, brown eyed,

chubby where is counts and slim where it doesn’t,

and I could care less what you think.

I am me.

I am perfect for me.

And I am perfect for him.

That’s all that counts.

Thought I’d try some visual poetry. A little image of me, divided in three. How do you interpret the format? I’d like to see if I got my point across well or not.


2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 2

  1. The format was very powerful and I loved it. There was something about physically having to shift my head – first to one end of the screen, then to the other, then quickly back and forth and back and forth that was unusual, but very effective. I’d say it made the piece jump to life. It goes very well with the theme. Very good.

    • ^_^ Why thank you, good sir. The idea was to have all the socially accepted traits to the left, the awkward but fun attributes in the middle, and all the personality quirks which people scoff at on the right. I always have to balance these three in my life, so I figured I’d get it out plain and simple.

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