NaPoWriMo: Day 1

So, with all that has been going on the past week (visiting my Nana, starting to go the gym 3-4 days a week after work, the boyfriend coming over and bringing friends, etc.), I had no idea until today that is was officially National Poetry Writing Month. I’ve been a bit lax with my poetry, especially with all the faith posts I’ve been babbling on about for weeks now, and I think it high time I start stirring up the poem juices. Since I missed the first 7 days, I’ll push my poetry posts into the first 7 days of next month. If I miss a day (quite likely given my schedule lately), I will post double the next day. So lets start this!



Bringer of dreams eternal, harbinger to

the slow and silent killer, seeping into

forgiving bones, embracing forgotten souls.

Your void expands the world, deadens echoes

as they are spoken; comfort to cries unheard

in the crisp air of a summer morning.

Widened horizons unfold before blinded

sight, chattering teeth, grinding at spinning wheels.

You are peaceful oblivion, overlooked;

Your serenity mistaken for torment

by hotheads and boiling tempers, more

suited to equatorial plains, burnt skin.

Bleached complexion despised, mistrust in silence.

Our most cherished qualities, forsaken.

We are the same breed, take comfort in each other.

My time of peace, surrounded by your endless

quiet, dampened voices croon to me through

the frozen air, your breath against my bare skin.

O, cool-lipped siren, quarter of my life,

chilling comrade to the torment of my years,

May your touch be my final sensation;



and complete.



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