I’ve been Awarded an… Award!

Hey all! So the final installment of the Abusive Mother Saga will be coming soon. I need some time to recoop from the weekend and still from the horrors she induced last week. In the meantime, the lovely Sarah Cradit has chosen me for one of two awards! You can either pick the Sunshine Award or the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Personally, I’d rather have it a little overcast with some flurries or spring showers, so sunshine is out! Also, I really try to post things that will inspire conversation, although unfortunately I can’t seem to attract the kind of crowd I’d like to see through here. But I love my followers and how much they support me! SO! I have chosen…


Now, as a bonus, I will answer 10 questions on my blogging career, as well as nominate 10 other bloggers of my choosing to accept either one of the awards above and blog on their own experiences. Since I liked her answers so much, I’m going to go with the same questions Sarah used for her post. Here we go!

1) What inspired you to start blogging? A college class project to keep an editing blog began it all. I went from that sad little blog to a poetry class where we had to keep a daily record of poetry, and I asked if I could blog my work instead of write in a notebook. The professor allowed it, and here we are! This blog has developed into something on writing, something on poetry and religion and life and strife. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope to encourage more people to speak their minds, write their hearts, and just let the letters flow. ^_^

2) What is your favorite blog that you like to read? I can’t really say. I bounce around so much, I never really know where I’m going to land. Just be sure to check my list of nominees at the end to see who I follow the closest. 🙂

3) What is your favorite color? Well these are getting to be sad little questions. For me, have to be a nice, dark blue, the almost-pitch-black, edged in the bright orange of the morning sun kind of blue.

4) What are your passions? I have three top passions in my life that I engage on a daily basis. One is my passion for writing, which I try to push farther each day. I just wish there was more time for it alongside my other passions and my responsibilities. The second is my love and passion for my boyfriend, who is the greatest treasure of my life. He gets me out of my sad little box, even when I don’t want to go at first. I do wish he would sometimes put himself in my shoes and accept that his way is not the only right way, but that is just what comes with a working relationship. We balance each other the way we’re supposed to, and that’s all that makes us happy. The third, a more recent passion, is the passion for my personal faith, and encouraging others not to renounce their face, but learn to be respectful of others’ faiths. My faith is grounded in the idea that all religions have the same truth of god, but each religion packages that truth differently to make it accessible and understandable to other cultures. I use this as a foundation to encourage civility in religious discussion involving multiple religions. I suppose it is a fun challenge to get people to get off their high horses. Or perhaps I just have a passion for being a religion troll. XD

5) What is your favorite animal? Do you really have to ask?


And if you do have to ask, this is my favorite animal, the Maned Wolf, and the main inspiration for the Elaseim.

6) What is your dream job? My dream job would likely just be to write at home all day and home-school my future kids (in the way way WAY future). Nothing special.

7) How much time do you spend blogging? It depends on the events of the week, how much time I have in the evening, and what I’m inspired to write about that evening. Sometimes not much time at all, just a few minutes to poop out a haiku or two. Sometimes I can get on a roll and post something silly long, and then have time to post comments on other blogs. It just depends. I do wish I could be more consistent, since I think that is one way to get viewers, but ah well.

8) Do you watch TV? If so, what are your favorite shows? That’s a bad question, because this will get really long if I’m completely honest with you all. Let’s just make a quick list: Doctor Who, Castle, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Top Gear U.K., should I keep going? I can get into the shows that aren’t running anymore that I look for reruns of, but that would just get silly. 🙂

9) What is your favorite flower? I’m not much of a flower fan, to be honest. I really can’t think of a flower that I would consider a favorite… Meh, next question.

10) What’s your next project? (because I wanted to answer one of my own questions for myself) My newest project is getting this awful old story of mine edited tomorrow evening. I wrote a story for The Masquerade Crew, and now I need to edit it, and it needs a LOT of work. I’m hoping I can do it quickly, but I don’t want to do the story injustice, so it may take another week or so of touching up. Hopefully not that long though. I’ll see from the editors if I can post the story here after I’m done, but it’s going in an anthology, so I don’t think I can post until after it’s published or whatnot. I’ll find out though.

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for! The nominees! I’m just using the names of the blogs, simply because a couple of them don’t give their names, so the blog name is all I have to go by. 🙂 Visit them, read them up, and enjoy the thought flow.

1) Christian Mihai

2) Jason Alan. Writer. Character.

3) boy with a hat

4) A Thousand Days Haiku

5) Masterpiece of Free Will

6) Words Form Windows

7) rebelliousreading

8) Daily Thoughts: The musings of author E.W. Greenlee

9) Deeliopunk

10) littlewordworm

…and one extra! A guy with some great insight on my recent posts, as well as massive computer smarts!

11) Shiggy Enterprises

I hope you all like your award! And if Inspiring Blogger doesn’t roll off the tongue for you, nominees, try the SunShine Award on for size if you like. 🙂 Cheers!



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