Something Fun and Quick: Your ColorScope

Something Fun and Quick: Your ColorScope

I actually enjoyed looking through these and seeing which color best fit me. I chose…

Persimmon: Your passion and mature energy draw people to you! However, your curiosity and love of life can cause you to be restless even though you are essentially grounded.

What color are you?

The 2 A.M. Message!

Continuing with the Creative Writing Challenge for Phoneography Month, I thought I’d also try my hand at today’s challenge: 2 A.M. Photo. The gist is you get a photo text with no words at 2 in the morning. What is the photo and what’s the deal with it? Well, here’s my photo. (It’s not actually mine, I grabbed it off a Google search.)



The pitch black of my room illuminates with the soft light of photographic snow and wolf fur off my cellphone. I walk to the light through the drenched swamps overrunning London and back to my bed, a touch of the gaseous haze lingering in my eyes. A swift reach and the phone is in my hand, held a safe distance from dilated pupils. My focus is drawn to the bus-colored envelope at the top left of the screen; a text message. A quick glimpse to the opposing corner, letting me know that the sender, whoever they are, is going to get a hard kick to the crotch in the morning. Rest my eyes from the still-scorching light and let me fingers do the work, reopen with the expectation of a quickly-read translation.  Instead, I find my stomach growling. There is a simple wooden basket, the kind that could be easily mistaken for a hat box if it were painted. The wicker-woven lid set catty-corner on top, and within a mound of perfectly arranged dim sum. The most lovely and appetizing arrangement of dumplings I have ever seen. All weariness leaves my head, and for a moment I’m in anticipating bliss, until, of course, I realize again that is it 2 in the morning. The name above the divine assortment is the usual culprit to my disturbed nights for the past 7 years, my insomniac boyfriend. Hunger-induced drool fades as the furrow in my brow deepens. I unleash my growing impatience into my well-trained thumbs as the letters appear one-by-one.

What the hell? I’m trying to sleep. Now I’m wide awake and starving. Thanks. -.-

The half-second hesitance before the prepared words become a statement allow a new phrase to caption the decadent picture.

Took my hand at dumplings today. They turned out, so I made you some for when you come over tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you. Love ya!

The strain on my creased forehead loosens into the inevitable smile he always manages to bring me. 7 years, and I’m still surprised. A few flashes of my fingertips and the hesitance is gone as I press SEND.

They look delicious. I can’t wait either. Love you too!


So this has never actually happened. My boyfriend couldn’t make spaghetti the first 5 times without asking me how to cook the ground beef. But this is still the kind of thing he’d do. Except he’d have bought the dim sum, but ah well. Creative writing liberties and all that. ^_^

Impossibility: A List

Haven’t had much inspiration this weekend, along with some car problems that were more than distracting. So today, browsing my followed blogs, I came upon a very fun little Daily Prompt: Impossibility. Here is the prompt:


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

I was quite the ambitious little bunny and managed to think of all six. I’ll give a very brief explanation to each, just because I can and I want to keep typing.

  1. The wounds of life leave no scars.  It is not for us to expect the scars of life to disappear, it is only for us to ignore them until you forget where they were in the first place.
  2. To see ‘equality’ used in the proper context.  The conflict on the topic of equality is one which I still don’t understand. I strive to explain to people that giving others equality is not the same as agreeing with them. They can still be equal to you and have differing views. For once, I’d like to talk with someone who agrees.
  3. Political correctness does not make you right.  I live for the day when political correctness is a cursed phrase.
  4. My novel will be a movie someday.  I think Peter Jackson is the only person besides myself who I’d ever give the rights to direct/produce the movie adaptation of my novel, simply because I am writing the novel as an adaptation of the movie in my head. I do enjoy writing screenplays though, so maybe…
  5. Quality over quantity.  The media is proving just how much more people want quantity and don’t give a damn about quality. Someday that will change. Someday.
  6. An orange white mocha.  I have tried so many times to make this drink a reality. There will come a time that science brings us a substance that keeps milk from curdling when mixed with citrus, and when that times comes, I’ll be there with my mug ready. 🙂


Tomorrow I’ll actually have something creative, I swear! XD Until then!