Comic Reflection

Inspired by a new blogger I’m following, Morning Story and Dilbert, I’ve decided to try my hand at comic-inspired writing. I’m off to find a comic. I may write a story, or I might write a narrative of my thoughts. Who knows? Let’s get started!

*goes to find a comic*

*returns with comic*


Okay, so at first I thought I might write the rap song from this comic, and then I realized just how bad of an idea that would be… SO!…I have no idea. I had the realization when I was looking for a comic that Boondocks was one of my favorite comics in the Sunday paper as a kid; a combination of genuine enjoyment of the wit of lil black boys (I’m not racist, I’m observant) and my mother’s insistence that this comic was ‘filth.’ My Sunday comic wake-ups, however, deteriorated drastically during high school and college. During my high school years, I finally had the chance to meet people who accepted me as myself; a tomboy with a love for all things action and a little bit bad-mouthed. It was inevitable, especially with a boyfriend like mine, that I be introduced to the TV show based off this comic. It was fantastic; I still watch reruns to this day. And I never made the connection between that show and this comic! How dense can I be?!?!

Anyway, this was a great blast from my past. This show taught me so much about racism and what kind of perspectives people can have on it, to so many extremes. The sad thing is, those extremes exist in our daily lives. I’ve learned to take my boyfriend’s perspective and just laugh. Crack the jokes other people won’t, not to be rude, but to put racism in the light it deserves; the light of stupidity and ignorance.

Has anyone else learned some good from The Boondocks? Or from any experience of racism? What perspective to you live by? And how do you portray it in your daily life? Do you portray it at all? Do you keep it held inside? Do you laugh? Cry? Scream? Curse? Share your story! I’m game to listen. 🙂


*Insert your thought here*

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