Abstraction Weekly Writing Challenge: Stems and Exoskeletons


I recently joined The Daily Post @ WordPress.com, and their newest weekly challenge is to incorporate your own images into your blog. So I figured, as something new, I’d share the only photographs I’ve ever taken that I’m actually proud of. The above is my personal favorite. I had brought my camera with my while walking one of our foster Norwegian Elkhounds quite a few years ago. Going past one of the trees along the back of our horse paddocks, I saw a tiny touch of red at the base of the nearest oak. On closer inspection, I realized it was a tiny branch still clinging to the trunk, hidden in the crusted grass which my mother had missed while pruning earlier in the day. I scrunched the grass down tight to the ground and took a few shots of the branch, and then gently covered it back up.

It was gone the next day, presumably by a bird looking for a fresh leaf, as my mother only bothered with those back trees once a year. I did a few light blue tint changes to the photo, but for the most part, this is just how the photo came out. There was something strong and vibrant about that little scarlet stem, and despite it only existing for a day, it has stuck with me all these years.

By coincidence, a few weeks later the cicadas started coming out, and I decided to walk around a bit and find some. On the exact same tree as the scarlet stem, I found a shiny new cicada, sitting just an inch from his still-clinging exoskeleton. He was so calm and collected with me there; he even waited for me to return with the camera and get a few great shots in. My two favorite are below. He was so chill, just watching and waiting for me to stop rounding about him in every direction, looking for the right angles. After my photography escapade, he flitted off into the top of the tree, but when I came back past it from walking the pup, I heard a perfect creaking chirp, and I still believe it was the same cicada, buzzed my head and went bounding through the air into the woods beyond our fields. He was a good cicada, and quite a poser. πŸ™‚




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