Haikus again

Last kind memory

counting the turned autumn leaves

hilltops’ jade turned brick

Rust melts to scarlet

nothing to remember but

Crimson and the dark

Bare, crackle umber

surrounds me, consumes my world

ashen heart buried

A linked haiku inspired by Rana, my main character for my Elaseim novel (for those who haven’t been following for long). I’m quite happy with this for now. This may likely evolve into a real series of sorts. We’ll see if I take it farther. Any critique is, as always, welcome and encouraged! ^_^


One thought on “Haikus again

  1. PS to everyone, I tried to include the breaks between each individual haiku, and WordPress was being a dick and wouldn’t include the breaks, no matter how I put them in. So yeah, they’re just going to stay like this for now. -.-

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