Settling in brings me down.

The spontaneity of dinner dates devolves into habit,

and the old dividing factors are replaced

as zeroes in our equation.

Always on the same page,

licking each others’ fingers when it’s time to turn.

Battles of the senses are common practice

in the dark,

and our semi-insistent celibacy has lasted this long.


My heart still pitters when I hear your voice,

patters when you put down the controller and pick up my hand.

The weight of my keys is heavier every weekend,

your back door more resistant to my grip

as I leave home once again for a bed I wish

was not my own.


Settling in brings me down.

But perhaps,

settling down will bring me in

for good.



Just a little thing on missing the man for the day.  Haven’t written a love poem in a long while. It’s kinda nice to write one again. ^_^


6 thoughts on “Settle

  1. Very nice. And again, it sounds like it’s time! After your engagement you get to hear my speech on having children. (Warning! We had six and the Catholics got it right in this area!)

    • Ha! Trust me, we’ve already given ourselves the talk about kids. No kids for at least the first five years, unless it’s a very unlikely accident. I’m not much of a fan of kids and we still need a lot of time being kids ourselves to think about raising one. That and getting financially stable enough to actually feel comfortable paying for a kid is nowhere in our near future. 😛

      • Uh Oh. I stepped on a land mine. After the “internet daughter” thing, I suppose it’s too early to press for internet grandchildren. Rats!

        • HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Nope, no chance. My Nana may never get the chance at great grandchildren from me. That’s kind of depressing when I think about it, because the only great grandchildren she has are from the worst member of the family (from her point of view as well as everyone else’s). 😦

  2. Don’t bring the Rana Nana into this! For my perspective and testimony in this area, you may find my testimony in my second book, “A Church Hostile to the Nuclear Family” interesting – at least for some point in the future. It includes my personal testimony regarding having children, as well as that of my heritage. Other than this reference, I’ll not burden your poor blog site with this now. Most of my fellow Christians would not even agree with me. As it stands, you’ve got quite a few reading assignments hanging out there!

  3. whoops. I left out the reference. It’s in Chapter 13 “A Culture of Self-made Eunuchs” from the book, “A Church Hostile to the Nuclear Family”. Sorry.

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