Dreams dissipate while

Eyes are closed to the warm light

Cold sweat wiped away


Tremors, a new morning

A new beginning ending

the best of my life


Damp sheets, damp pillow

No line shows where the sweat ends

and the tears begin


Pour my coffee, stare

into dark awakening

Bitter a.m. kiss


Your mug is quiet

We long together for your

embrace, not to come


Sweat, tears, and coffee

envelope my new routine

Forever nightmare.



I don’t know. I was driving home and mis-sung a line from a song by Bruce Hornsby and decided when I got home to make a poem out of it. Turns out it was a 7 line, so I went for my old favorite, the haiku. One thing lead to another, and it became a linked haiku. It’s always nice to get struck with this kind of thing. Let me know what you think. It’s straight from the head, so if you think it needs tweaking, don’t hesitate to say so, and where.


*Insert your thought here*

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