This is one of those aspects of writing that I always follow, but never directly define in my writing process. Victoria does a fantastic job making easy distinctions between character flaws versus faults, and how they contribute or hinder your character throughout the plot. A very useful thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when beginning writing.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1180301_silhouetteI wrote yesterday about characterization, and how it’s really the driving force behind fiction. Today, I thought it might be fun (and useful to my current WIP…. no I’m not thinking about myself here at all….) to consider those attributes that are not so endearing, but that are necessary for a character to seem human and to be someone the reader can relate to: you know, the things we don’t like about them. The things that are weaknesses and get them into trouble.

Flaws versus Faults

To have this discussion about characterization, I should start with the distinction I make between flaws and faults as they relate to fictional characters. (This is, of course, totally arbitrary, completely made up by me, and based in no way upon any kind of dictionary definition of those terms.)

  • Flaw: an aspect of a character that might get said character into problems, but that…

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