A quick question, and back to writing…

Okay, so for my Elaseim readers, I’m working out a new chapter! The story of the fall of the Elaseim! Finally! I’m writing it up on Goodreads and will make a blog post on it as soon as I’m finished. It may not be until tomorrow, as it is getting late for me, but it will be posted by tomorrow night. I’m promising myself this time!


If this movie doesn’t bring you to some kind of emotional or spiritual revelation, I don’t know what will.

In the meantime, I want a question discussed. Now you’ll remember my little post about my mother’s reaction to me not going to church anymore. I’m not re-reading to see if I mentioned this, so I’ll just mention it here. I managed to outline to my mother in those five minutes that I felt disrespectful when going to church. I have great respect to those who do feel a passion, a closeness with god when in church. I understand that feeling. But I do not get that feeling in a church, during a mass. In fact, I feel farther from that feeling when I’m sitting in for a mass. If I find no meaning in the actions during the mass, how rude is it to go through the motions blindly when there are people around me experiencing something heart felt? I feel as if I am insulting those around me. It is the same if I am enjoying a good movie, like Les Miserables for instance. I can lose myself in a wonderful place of awe and observation when watching a movie like that, or listening to some Bruce Hornsby in the car. That moment for me is that closer connection to the world around me, to the place where I find god in my life. When I’m watching that movie and someone is throwing popcorn, whispering and giggling to their friends, and texting on their phone in front of me, I feel upset that they can’t respect my enjoyment of the movie, even if they don’t understand what I’m experiencing while watching. It’s hard to make someone understand that feeling, but then again it’s hard for a religious person to explain how they feel when in a church when there are so many who just call it any other building, right?

Anyway, the point is I tried to explain to my mother that I’d rather not go to church and live a good life without that hour every Sunday than to be a disrespectful hypocrite and go to church and have no real connection to what was going on in there. My mother tried to create some odd excuse that going to church is not hypocritical. I don’t how she explained it, it didn’t come out in any amount of sense. The reason I bring this up is that on yet another one of my Yahoo escapades, I had someone post, “Better to sit among the hypocrites than to join them in hell.” (I believe it got so many downed views it is now unviewable.) You can see the response I made on the link.

My question is, what the hell is this argument anyway? Why is it better to LIE about your belief to everyone around you and secretly think it’s all bullshit, than to live a fulfilling and good life and not go to freaking church? Someone explain this to me in normal terms, please. Because I don’t know how to answer this anymore other than, “You’re argument is contradictory and therefore invalid. Have a nice day.” I want to understand this mindset. The contradiction just seems to blatant to me, I don’t get it.

Okay, religious talk over again. Next time, Elaseim chapter! 😀


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