Long live the Stompadon!

Good news everyone! I’m back for a little while!

Work has been crazy, and the holidays have been insane even to the crazy things. But there is one thing that has helped me through it all. Stompadon!



He’s soft, cuddly, and will stomp your enemies to poo with it’s cute! Seriously, the plush is one of the plushiest plush things I’ve ever held, and it wants to help you sleep better at night! It’s a pillow and a watch monster! The story behind the Stomp is full of adventure, mystery, love, and STOMPIN’ DOMPIN’ ACTION!!!!!! You should all love him and make him a real toy monster! Just a $10 donation will bring him so much closer to existence instead of extinction! And no one loves an extinct monster. 😦  Also check out some of the other amazing creations by the creator, eattoast!


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