I’ve rediscovered my center…

I didn’t realize how far I had gone from this feeling. Below is a message to one of the storyboard artists for the movie which brought me back to it. I don’t think I expressed just how much this release means to me, but I hope it said something.

I just got back from seeing Rise of the Guardians, and I have to tell you, that movie took me to a place in my childhood I have not known since elementary school. I moved from the east coast to Texas when I was very young, and I actually had to explain who Jack Frost was to kids down there. Ice was the closest we ever came to snow there, and I’d draw a face in the frost on the bus windows on the way to school and think Jack was visiting me to keep me happy for when we’d move back home. For me as a kid, he was what kept me happy through all the hot summer days. I’d pretend I was keeping him safe in the freezer until it was cool enough for him to come out and play in the fall leaves. When I got back, that feeling faded because he was around so much. To see him doing what he does best the way I always pictured him as a child meant more to me than I ever expected it to. I just wanted to thank you and all those who worked on this story. It gave me back my center, and I will remember to hold it close to me again. So thank you.

I just wanted to share with you all what I’m going through. It’s so inspiring, so… awesome. I hope this feeling never leaves.


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